Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory utilizes a one-stop approach to provide clients with strategic and transactional related services such as M&A advisory and due diligence, corporate restructuring, capital and debt financing, forensic investigations and valuation services.

As a reliable professional advisor for M&A, valuation and corporate revival/restructuring, Deloitte Japan supports corporations’ management strategies to enhance corporate value.

We respond to various needs through a one-stop approach in critical aspects of all management strategies, such as M&A transactions, restructurings, raising capital, and forensic investigations. We cover all aspects of M&A so that critical issues accompanying M&A can be surmounted.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory provides specialist consulting services to corporations facing various difficulties relating to M&A and we make full use of a wealth of experience and a tested track record to provide advice covering all aspects of M&A so that each company can overcome the critical issues accompanying M&A.

Our total and consistent advisory services range from finance / business due diligence to supports for revival scheme planning, action plan formulation, financial restructuring implementation, and business restructuring.

We also offer continuing support to enhance corporate value to your company through an integrated service from the formulation of corporate reorganization strategies to final consolidation support.